Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Review: Weight Watcher Mint Ice Cream Sandwich

If this ice cream sandwich wasn't in the white wrapper with the WW logo on it, I wouldn't have guessed it was healthier for me. It's huge compared to the regular thin ice cream sandwiches. And I've seen think ice cream sandwiches like this one--with calories upwards of 300! And it looks all fanciful with the little waves on the ice cream--very inviting!

My first bite packed a powerful mint flavor. As I chewed, the strong flavor remained and was a little odd. The chocolate wafer tasted normal, and still got my fingers all sticky with chocolate skins. The mint ice cream had no chocolate pieces or crumbs in it, like Blue Bell's, but that was the good part (the chocolate pieces tend to be too hard when eating a soft, creamy ice cream). As for portion size, I feel like it could be smaller. :) But a great treat when I'm eating it outside in the sun. It leaves my mouth cool and minty for hours after...along with an aftertaste. Overall, the WW Mint Ice Cream Sandwich was a satisfying treat without much of the guilt of regular sandwiches...but the mint isn't quite perfect.

My little sis agrees that the mint with no choco was good, but her overall impression was "stay away from the imitation mint ice cream."

What keeps me coming? This version is more sturdy than the regular ice cream sandwiches. The chocolate wafers don't slip and slide everywhere when trying to bite into this thick creamwich. And, you know it, it's low-fat ice cream!

I look forward to a Cookies and Cream version of the sandwich. Not much can go wrong there, can it? On the web site, I see there are all vanilla or all chocolate flavors, but hopefully we'll see more soon! I'd get these sis might not eat it, but I certainly will. My mom also liked this icy sandwich treat, but then again, she likes almost anything with Ice cream & chocolate!

Each sandwich has 140 calories, 1.5 grams of fat and 4 grams of fiber.
Points Value: 2 (don't know the point system, just put the pt. info anyway)

Pic in progress.

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