Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dog Day Out, what I proclaimed as "Churri Day"

I actually took my dog(Mini American Eski) out yesterday, but that was just for shopping. We (mom, sis, and me) got him a new collar, new leash (the kind you put around the body), and "Spot's Stew" (a wholesome treat). If I ate it, I couldn't have reviewed it...but my dog licked the bowl, enough said. :) I would buy it again. The smell was pretty good and reminded me of tuna. I loved that it had peas and carrot pieces.

Today, I walked Churri around the neighborhood and he met some dogs. YAY, he doesn't run away anymore!! :D I plan to take him out more often... at least now he is more behaved.

I'll get some exercise out of it, too!

Here's my Churri!!

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