Sunday, July 12, 2009

Getting ready for the week

Monday's coming...ugh.

I'm trying to prep for this week: Got homework done for class tomorrow, need to bring my things (journal!) for work, have snacks for school & work, and put a short grocery list together.

I never have the ingredients I need when I want to try out a recipe, so my goal for the week is to look for a good recipe and buy ingredients only for that recipe.

If I go to the store without a list, I'm capable of buying a little bit of everything for mulitple recipes that I've been meaning to try. I'd end up spending a fortune!!

I'll peruse my copy of Hungry Girl's 200 under 200:

During every trip to Wal-Mart, I would run to the book section to check if the new HG book was there. I was waiting for so long to get the book--previous experience (HG's first book) has taught me that Wal-Mart sells the book cheaper than other places, including online stores. Finally, on a recent visit, I was lucky enough to find it for $13.87--YAY! (I recall getting bananas, too.)

Future goal: Cook a meal/dessert, using a new healthy recipe at least once a week.
I'll flip through the pages soon so I can give my sister the list of ingredients I'll need on the next trip to the grocery store.

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