Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wing disaster

Yesterday was one of those days when I get forced off the internet becuse of connection problems. :( I think it's my whole area! Luckily, I was able to get online today.

My meal/snack schedule was out of order because I went on a trip today. For bfast, I had some Cheerios in the car and some water from time to time (not too much, or I would run the risk of having to stop at a gas station or other place to use a dirty, smelly bathroom.

Meal time! I was struggling to think of a good place to take my mom, two sisters, and boyfriend out to lunch. We ended up eating at Pluckers Wing Bar, mainly because it was close and had free parking, lol.

I had a lettuce burger, as usual:

Just kidding...and that sounds gross! But that's kinda what it looks like in the pic. It was good, though. I can never have too much lettuce. :) I wonder...could a wing bar ever have vegetarian options?? Anyway, my real lunch at Pluckers, as pictured: "Big Easy"- Chicken Sandwich (doesn't come breaded!) with Cajun Seasonings, Lettuce, JalapeƱos and Honey Mustard. Oh, and a pickle spear. My side: sweet potato fries (which I saved for dessert). And, no, I didn't eat it all! I shared some of my burger and fries. :)

I ordered this only after I found out that my favorite menu item was no longer being served!!It was in the Pre-game Warm up (appetizer) section...the "Buffalo Shrimp Basket." It's a sign...I shouldn't have fried things. These fried shrimp were the best thing on the menu and were a reasonable portion for a meal. The shrimp were tossed in your choice of Medium, Lemon Pepper (my fav), or Cajun seasoning/sauces and served with Dirty Bird sauce (I don't remember having the sauce...).

My lunchmates ordered: Boneless Wings Basket, tossed in Ranch; Boneless Wings Basket, tossed in Ranch; Boneless Wings Basket, tossed in Ranch; and Boneless Wings Basket, tossed in Spicy BBQ. Not an ideal variety for my sampling pleasures. :( All the baskets came with Waffle Fries and Ranch, on the side. They had a Ranch Overload! The wings were super salty, so my sisters hand-unbreaded the chicken tenders!

I've resolved to order for my family, when at a new restaurant, in the future (at least when I'm familar with the eatery). :D

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