Monday, July 20, 2009

Catalog Shopping

Today was one of those working school, work, and home. Right now, I'm off to homework. I'll leave you with some odd stuff. And sorry for the blurry pics--took them on my phone.


Do you ever get those catalogs in the mail, the kind that advertise crazy products to make life easier? I do admit that, on occasion, I find something I really want. I know novelty items are useless, but I still find them interesting. And don't get me started on those entrancing infomercials! The best late late late night tv entertainment, lol.

Well, one catalog came my way a few days ago...I grabbed it and got comfortable at the kitchen table after dinner. Yes, I was paging through the entire booklet. Weird things make me laugh, and you can never get too many laughs. There were some funny ones and one thing that I want. Guess which one I want:

No more frustration with socks!

Making Funnel Cakes just got easier!
How have we been living all these yrs. without this 5-piece empanada crimper?? Press, fill & fold.

Perfect Eggs in the Morn! Upgraded egg ring also has a thin, puny handle!

Stop going hungry! Make 4 eggs instead of 1 with the egg ring set.

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