Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last week's recipe

I didn't forget about my weekly meal last week...but it wasn't exactly a meal. It was a drink! I made Joe Cool Java Freeze, from HG's 200 under 200.

My mom planned a big dinner for Friday and it lasted until...was it Monday?? Anyway, I made a little time on Saturday to whip up some iced coffee. The recipe was simple, but I put my ingredients out of order (if that makes any difference). It still came out tasty.

The foamy bubbles from the milk after the drink came out of the blender was bleh!

Sweet coffee--sister-approved. I usually drink my coffee strong, but this was a nice taste. Like I ordered one from the coffee shop instead of home brewing it.

I made 2 servings in a glass, but my mom & sisters finished it before I could take a pic! I'll make it again real soon, though.

Only 68 calories per serving and 1g of sugar!

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