Sunday, July 26, 2009

Noon = growling stomach

Had a morning walk with Churri before my simple breakfast.

Pics in progress...lunch break!!!

Here is my bfast, made of 1 honey graham cracker sheet, spoonfuls of cottage cheese, and a blueberry garnish.

Heehee...they kinda look like Pop-Tarts!! :D

I'm (or should I say, my belly is) settling down now. I had some of yesterday's food.

The family was celebrating Peru's Independence day early (bc you guessed it...we're Peruvian :D). My parents cooked up some bistec ranchero outside on the grill. We had to keep Churri's visits outside short because he was getting into the ashes that fell from the grill. The smell must've been really tempting!

Main spotlight: Bistec Ranchero
Supporting sidekicks: orange rice, pico de gallo, potato salad and salad greens.

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