Friday, December 18, 2009

MOO...Me want mini burgers

Awhile back, I discovered Moo Moo's Mini Burgers while waiting at a bus stop. It tempted me.

I love mini versions, unlike my friend, who thinks it's a way to get cheated out of money. I say, it's a sort of novelty.

They offer milkshakes made with Amy's Ice Cream, which is very popular among my friends in Austin. I'm partial to Blue Bell, but any ice cream (except Oak Farms and soft serve) will do for me. I ordered the Teacher's Pet, a mushroom burger (their veggie option). Very good with the onions! I don't really eat bacon on my burgers, or even with eggs, but they are there if you want them.

I would visit the mini burger trailer again, but is relocating and scheduled to open next month. Any updates will be posted.

For my video, go to the SMAG magazine blog here.


  1. Mini's are great fun - all these XXL portions are doing my waistline no good at all!

  2. Crystal- agreed! I always get the Jr. versions of any fast food burgers and they're quite filling.


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