Saturday, December 5, 2009

Easy Gingerbread cookies

I always crave gingerbread men during the Christmas holidays, but the recipes for gingerbread cookies always include a key ingredient: molasses. I never feel like buying a whole jar because I don't think I'll finish it.  I don't even have cookie cutters! What's the fun in making regular circle-shaped gingerbread cookies?? I finally have my answer!

A few days ago I was in the mood for a cookie treat, Tiff's Treats to be exact. But the cookie shop was out of my way (and it was too cold that night to make a trip out near campus). I settled on going to HEB to get pre-packaged cookie dough, you know, the kind with lines marking each portion. The easy peasy kind.

Right when I entered HEB, I saw cookie cutters. I had always wanted a cookie cutter (epecially a gingerbread man shape), so I immediately grabbed one without thinking of actually making gingerbread cookies. I imagined having gingerbread man-shaped chocolate chip cookies.

I tugged my special cookie cutter as I searched for any cheap and delicious cookie dough. Alas, I found the cookie doughs...many to choose from and being as indecisive as I am, it would take me awhile. Then I spotted Pillsbury Gingerbread cookie dough among all the chocolate chip cookie more Battle of the Doughs for me!

Gingerbread dough that I just have to roll out and cut out?? Hooray! So easy! Now I can actually use my gingerbread man cookie cutter for gingerbread cookies! Was that a coincidence??

I plan on having some gingery cookies during my hectic finals week. Maybe I'll have some leftovers to take home and share with my sisters!


  1. Brilliant idea. I spend so many hours in the kitchen, so the odd "cheat" is a definite YES!

  2. Thanks Crystal! I can't say that I spend hours in the kitchen, but you certainly deserve a shortcut. :D Especially during the busy holiday season!


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