Monday, January 4, 2010

First Big Battle of the New Year

The first big battle of the new year in the Kitchen Stadium pits Iron Chefs Batali and Lagassi against Iron Chef Bobby Flay and White House Executive Chef Comerford.

The secret ingredient was...
?? I tuned in too late! I was watching CSI and my sister reminded me about the "Iron Chef America" special.

I went ahead and watched the last 30 minutes (of the two hour! special) because we didn't see any reruns scheduled for this week. All I saw were the presentations, but that's the best part anyway.

As the judges gave their critiques, I figured out that secret ingredient reflected Michelle Obama's message to eat fresh and healthy foods. Mrs.Obama wasn't present at Kitchen Stadium and neither was the chairman.

This super chef battle was also a big night for host Alton Brown, who finally got a seat at the judges' table-- the chairman's seat he's coveted for so long. Alton, you get to eat this once!

After the battle ended and we see the winners crowned, Bobby Flay (yet again) and Chef Comerford win, I hunted down the secret ingredient and got the answer thanks to a helpful and humorous WSJ article by Dawn Fallik. Mrs. Obama got to declare it: "anything from the White House garden." Anyone who missed this episode and can't wait for a rerun should check out the nice recap I mentioned here.

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