Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Took a shot, but I lost this one...

Trying a new food can lead to a new favorite or enemy and I wasn't so lucky today.

I had an exam today and had no time to eat before, so I waited until I was finished. Super hungry! So I was in the mood for gyros, went to the restaurant, and changed my mind to Shrimp Po' boy once I looked at the menu. Meal time is a special time and requires lots of thought--my bf was pondering it over and settled for a oyster po' boy, which he's had at another restaurant nearby. So we decided to go to Flying Falafel. The po' boys seemed expensive to me, and too big for me to finish on my own, so I decided on Kibby (never eaten before and had little clue to what it was) and some beans & rice.

I'm one for trying new foods, but I lost this time. I didn't like the Kibby--I smelled and tasted an unappetizing scent. Thought it would be OK since it had ground beef and pinenuts, but I don't know what went wrong. At least I had my little cup of rice&beans. And my bf sacrificed half his oyster po' boy for me...but that was even before I finally admitted that my dish tasted gross. ;)

Anyway, I don't have a pic because I didn't even think of it-- I was probably too hungry. But why waste on pic on that? ... maybe to warn other about it, but who knows, someone's tastebuds might agree with it.

I hate having to say: I don't like to eat [insert food item/condiment here]. Because I really want to like everything, but alas, earwax. NO, I will not tolerate you Wasabi! (I can openly detest Wasabi because of a horrible incident, but there's probably about 2-3 things on that list)

What foods must you absolutely avoid??


  1. Celery...celery...celery - I hate, something about the after taste that doesn't work for me. But I love celeriac!

  2. Haha. Hello there again Kitchen Butterfly! I agree, I wouldn't go out of my way to buy celery. The stringy pieces are what get to me.


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