Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sweet potato in idea yet!

Best sushi = sweet potato roll
Went to Oishi during Happy Hour for some half-priced sushi, unfortunately, the deal changed since the last time I visited.
The specialty rolls are now excluded from the half-priced happy hour menu, which leaves only a few choices--among those are the smoked salmon and tuna rolls(and their spicy variations) as well as the california roll. Those are pretty basic rolls without the flair of "tempura" or a special glaze.
My friend ordered first, and she ordered two specialty rolls that came out to about $8. That's when I asked the cashier which rolls were half-priced, which prompted me to change my picks real fast. I came for cheap sushi, after all.
Original order: The Sweet Potato Roll and Shrimp Roll.
New order: The Smoked Salmon Roll and Sweet Potato Roll.
Did you catch that?? Yes, I just had to order that Sweet Potato Roll. I haven't seen that in any sushi places I've ever visited--I always scan the menu for 'em! And you'd have worse luck finding them in buffets because there's usually basic sushi types like the California Roll. No creative specialty rolls. :(
So I had 2 rolls for approximately $5, and it didn't leave me hungry. I hope to see more great sushi places around my hometown. Then I can make my parents LOVE sushi!! :D
The Sweet Potato Roll is so flavorful on its own (I'm thinking it's the drizzle of delicious brown sauce) that no soy sauce is needed! I did dip my Smoked Salmon Roll, to wet the rice some. I added small pieces of soy sauce-drenched ginger for even more dazzle in my mouth!
Bit of advice (that I learned the hard way): Don't try to take bites of the sushi--just put the whole thing in your mouth and chew. If you're lucky, the sushi is not too big and doesn't have anything poking out.
Though I'm disappointed about the new Happy Hour menu, I still can't get over the amazing Sweet Potato Roll! It's worth paying full price!


  1. I love sushi. As for this sweet potato sushi, I'll have to try to make it...and soon!

  2. Hi k-- you will definitely love it. Let me know how it turns out!


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