Saturday, November 7, 2009

Do Chefs Hate Vegetarians?

On episode 10 of "Top Chef," the chefs prepare dishes in Craft Steak, Judge/Chef Tom Colicchio's restaurant, which looks like it's all about indulging in heavy meats. Before the chefs start cooking, the twist is revealed...
they will be serving actress Natalie Portman and must alter their dishes for her vegetarian diet...ughh.
Also faced with the vegetarian challenge are the contestants on "The Next Iron Chef," episode: Pressure. The first test is to make Indian dishes--that must be vegetarian.
"Top Chef Masters" had a no-meat episode as well. These were some of the best chefs, and they were to make a vegan meal for another celebrity, Zooey Deschane. Michael Chiarello didn't seem too happy.
Do chefs hate vegetarians??
Why is creating a vegetarian meal such a challenge for chefs? Why do many restaurants neglect the vegetarians?
Gail Simmons, former Top Chef judge and vegetarian, was stumped. She didn't know why the chefs had problems with the vegetarian challenge given their resources.
Must be harder in the U.S., where meat is the star of the meal. Many people, at least some that I know, make fun of vegetarians and think of vegetarian meals as having no substance. Even Jamie, past Top Chef contestant, admitted that she hates cooking for vegetarians.
The chefs in this episode gave us a look at some common misconceptions about vegetarian cooking.


  1. I smile everytime I think of how we see vegetarian cooking - as something that requires thought and is a challenge. I guess we're so so used to having meat in everything that it takes a mental shift to turn the tables and relax..and just enjoy veggies without making a big deal out of it

  2. True. And it's not just chefs...even people are reluctant to eat vegetarian food.


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