Monday, August 17, 2009

Lots o' Cake weekend

I never got to do any of the cool stuff I had planned...but I did have my fam over for a joint b-day party with my sis.

B-day=lots o' cake

Uh-ohhh...too much desserts around. First came the mocha mudslide ice cream, then we bought a tres leches cake w/ strawberry filling for the party, and the treat for the birthday girls was a delectable cake from Coldstone. Shiny ganache coating with Reese's on top and vanilla/choco ice cream combo inside.

And the leftovers weren't helping. For lunch/dinner, we've been having brisket with bbq and all the fixings (potato salad, baked beans, etc.) I eat jalepenos with mine, so the ice cream cake really refreshes my mouth.

The cake's almost gone...

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