Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back in the Kitchen

I've been out of sort these last couple of days...tired, stuffy nose, ugly cough, etc. I felt sick, but it was probably allergies.
I couldn't cook anything because I'd contaminate the kitchen with my sickly germs! :(

Today was the first day back, making my bfast with egg sub. and lots of veggies. The scallions I pulled out of the fridge were a bit I threw out the saggy ones and used all the good ones I could before they went bad.

Pics in progress...

For lunch/dinner, my mom made mole and I served myself a good portion of it---it was reallyyy good! After lunch, I was upstairs working on my proposal, like I was supposed to be doing. Yay, I was on task today!! :D And later I went out to RC's Pizza in Kingwood. The guy up front let me rent out an (old) slice of pizza, some pizza rolls, a big salad, and chicken wings. No, I didn't get to try any of it this time, but I've tried the pasta and gourmet pizza at work. My fav was the artichoke pizza (and probably the shrimp pizza if I ever got to try it).


Let me praise my mom's mole once again (the dish not the sauce, which came from the store)!! I never liked this meal much, but for some reason, it tasted really good this time. I think the peas and carrots in the rice made the whole dish more colorful and, in effect, more welcoming. The sauce was not too, too spicy, but just right. Yum! I wonder if I can make this for myself when I cook for mysef once college starts. Note to self: write down the recipe!

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